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Me and Sammy
(photo: Sam and Doreen at Vista Del Mar, 1976)

Do you remember a show called "The Rookies?" It was produced by Aaron Spelling from '72-'76 and was Kate Jackson's stepping stone to "Charlie's Angels" fame.

I was lucky enough to have met Sam in '75/'76 and got to attend the filming of The Rookies twice (once at FOX studios and once on location). I was even luckier to remain friends with Sammy until we all lost him in 1989 to heart failure.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to post some "behind the scenes" photos of Rookies' stars Sam Melville and Kate Jackson!

These Black-&-White Photos (TOP, RIGHT and BOTTOM) were shot by my pal Hope, between takes, at Vista Del Mar Child Care Services in Los Angeles, CA. (c.1976).

We were thrilled to get to hang out on the baseball diamond with Sam and Kate ... and couldn't resist taking photos of everyone, especially out-of-character!

Kate (r.) kinda reminds me of the old "Curlers in your hair, shame on you!" commercials!
Kate Jackson

Mike and Jill Danko Although Sam had many TV and movie roles, his fans seem to best remember him on The Rookies. I personally think Sam lent a lot of his own personality to the character, especially his integrity, honesty, humor and sense of fair play, making Mike Danko one of the few cops we would be happy to be pulled over by on one of California's streets.
I have many fond memories of Sam ... and of the 70's and 80's ....
I hope you will find this site to be like a little trip back in time ...

Click here to download an 800x600 desktop wallpaper version of this image taken at Vista Del Mar!

Download: 800x600 desktop wallpaper version of this pic taken at Vista Del Mar!