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Subj: Sam Melville page
Date: 98-04-02 10:27:31 EST
From: Cindy Wylie
To: Do Re Egon

I was checking the Kate Jackson homepage when I came across your excellent tribute to Sammy. I was 12 to 16 when The Rookies were on the air. I, too, have been searching the internet for any information on the show. So far, I haven't had any luck. By the way, S.C.P.D. did stand for Southern California Police Department. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your homepage. I learned a lot of things that I didn't know before. Excellent job!!

Subj: Rookies page...
Date: 98-04-08 02:59:16 EDT
From: Ledlo4
To: Do Re Egon

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! My name is Brian Jackson, I am a HUGE Rookies fan, and have NEVER seen a Rookies or a Sam Melville page! This is very strange, I was at school tonight looking at the Internet Movie Database, and came across the Sam Melville info. I literally almost fainted when I saw that he had passed away, I had no idea. Seeing your page has in a strange way helped me deal with this news. Thankyou for a wonderful web site. I remember watching "The Rookies" repeats on a local TV station here in the Bay Area on weekday mornings during the summer of '78 I think it was. I am 30 now, and I don't remember watching the original airings from '72 to '76. I was, and still am, a HUGE Starsky and Hutch fan, and watched that religiously! By the way, what Rookies toys do you have? I have all 4 dolls, and a target set. I am looking for other items. (Starsky and Hutch toys as well.) Please write back, I would love to hear more about Sam and his life. Also, do you know where I can get Rookies episodes on video?? I have some, and 2 original films from Viacom, but am looking for some specific episodes ( mainly the ones about Mike and Jill!!) Again thankyou for the wonderful site, and keep up the good work!!!! P.S. The S C P D stood for "Santa Costa Police Dept." not southern ca. police dep.!! just a bit of trivia for you!!

Brian Jackson

Subj: Re: Rookies page...
Date: 98-04-08 22:11:48 EDT
From: Ledlo4
To: Do Re Egon

I will check my videos for a Mike Danko sound bite...I need to figure how to record it then send it to you!! I have so many questions about Sam, but I don't want to take up all your time, and I don't want to sound like an idiot!!! I am in a top-40 band as I guess Sam and his wife were, and I was curious what kind of songs they played and how they sounded!! Also, do you have any literature on Sam or his passing, or any other "Rookies" topics? Maybe you could copy some and send them to me???!! (I have a P O box!! ) I am so excited to have "met" you as I am a HUGE "Rookies" fan. I would love another response!! AND yes, i do have Lt. Riker addressing SCPD as "Santa Costa Police Dept." in one of my videos...I will find the exact episode and send you the recording, or atleast the episode name and number....! Thankyou for your response and I hope to hear from you again in the future!

Brian Jackson

Subj: . . . Sam Melville . . .
Date: 98-04-10 00:43:18 EDT
From: Rachelsaun
To: Do Re Egon

Words can't begin to express my feelings to you . . .

I first became acquainted with Sam Melville in 1972, in his role as "Off. Mike Danko" in "The Rookies," and followed his career until his passing. (The SCPD sweatshirt that he's seen wearing in the "Lamb to the Slaughter" episode represents *nothing* as it was never clearly defined 'tho his co-star Georg Stanford Brown once mentioned that it could stand for "Santa Claus" for all of the successes it returned to each of them.) When he died, I was deeply saddened . . . it was so sudden and he was so young . . . he had so many years ahead of him!

I continue to remember him through his works, from "The Rookies" to the various series and movies within which he starred and guest-starred - "Gunsmoke," "Bonanza," "That Girl," "Dallas," "Scarecrow & Mrs. King," "Hour of the Gun," "The Thomas Crown Affair," "Roughnecks," "Big Wednesday" and so many others!

I was nearly 12 when "The Rookies" premiered in September 1972 ("Mike" and "Jill" were always my favorites) and, in the nearly 26 years since, I've continued to hold onto my memories of the series for the warmth that it brought - and continues to bring (through my treasured memorabilia) - to my heart!

In the many years since his passing, I've thought of Sam often, too . . . always wondering if others remembered him as I did!

While I never had an opportunity to meet him during his lifetime, I feel as though I did tonight, if only through your eyes! Thank you for sharing your memories of Sam with all of us . . . a kind and gentle man who will live on in the hearts of so many!

Gail M. Reese

Subj: . . . from your e-mail notes . . .
Date: 98-04-10 01:49:08 EDT
From: Rachelsaun
To: Do Re Egon

I enjoyed reading the e-mail notes that you've received thus far!

Brian's mentioned that he had all 4 of the "Rookies" dolls - he didn't say which ones - but there were actually 5: "Mike," "Willie," "Terry," "Chris" and "Lt. Riker" (a misspelling of "Ryker").

In an episode entitled "Nightmare" (1974-75), "Lt. Ryker" contacted the "Santa Costa sheriff's department" as part of his and "The Rookies'" search for a missing "Jill," who had been involved - on a rainy night - in an automobile accident along that part of the highway.

During the series' run, Sam Melville made guest-appearances on several game shows, including "$20,000 Pyramid" and "Password" and one talk show ("The Dinah Shore Show," with his fellow "Rookies," during "Kiss A Cop Week").

From what I can recall, his appearance on the "Pyramid" game followed Kate Jackson's (he mentioned that they'd (the cast) watched when Kate played) (Kate was also then a some-time guest of "Hollywood Squares").

"Password" invited Sam to play for a week's time with each of his "wives" - "real" and "reel." (I've got the "Password" games on audio tape, but haven't listened to them for many years' time!)

Before "The Rookies," Sam also made guest-appearances on "Here Come The Brides" and "Hawaii Five-O" ("Tiger By The Tail") and after "The Rookies," on "T.J. Hooker" and "Starman."

Will continue to search my memory - and my collection - for other "odds" & "ends" of info.!


Subj: . . . Sam Melville/"T.J. Hooker" . . .
Date: 98-04-10 10:17:01 EDT
From: Rachelsaun
To: Do Re Egon

Before he became a cop on "T.J. Hooker," William Shatner guest-starred in the role of "Mike's" partner "Luke" in "The Rookies'" episode - "The Hunting Ground." (Many years later, Sam Melville guest-starred as a cop on "T.J. Hooker.")

"T.J. Hooker" was also set in "SC," as the characters sometimes wore "SCPD" sweatshirts . . . probably borrowed from "The Rookies'" costumes!


Subj: . . .
Date: 98-04-10 10:06:47 EDT
From: Rachelsaun
To: Do Re Egon

A few more "odds" & "ends"!

Sam Melville was born in Fillmore, Utah.

In one of "The Rookies'" early episodes - "Dirge for Sunday" - his character "Mike" also mentions Utah as being "my part of the country." Prior to his joining the SCPD, "Mike" had been "in the service" - the U.S. Air Force - for 10 years' time. Mentions of his military career were made throughout the series' history - from the March 7, 1972 pilot movie to its final episode - "Journey to Oblivion." ("Terry Webster" had been in the Navy; "Lt. Ryker" the Marines.)

"Mike" also made mention of the police department's city in the "Nightmare" episode by saying to "Terry" and "Chris": "Florence Nightengale is alive and living in SC." ("Jill" had been on her way to her sister "Amanda's" to take care of her niece "Tori." )

Sam guest-starred with David Cassidy in two series, although they were both in different segments: "Bonanza" and "Fantasy Island."

The "Fantasy Island/Flying Aces" segment featured Tom Wopat of "The Dukes of Hazzard," a show within which Sam made several guest-appearances. (I can recall seeing at least two different episodes.)

In 1978, during one of her "Charlie's Angels" talk-show appearances, Kate Jackson mentioned on the "Tonight Show" that "Sam Melville, whom I'd worked with on 'The Rookies'" had been a guest at the 30th birthday surprise party thrown for her by her then-husband Andrew Stevens.


Subj: Re: Rookies page...
Date: 98-04-10 02:02:34 EDT
From: Ledlo4
To: Do Re Egon

Hi again... am I starting to get on your nerves yet?! Thanx for writing back and sharing your thoughts with me! You said in your letter, no one knew how ill Sam was before he died...what was his illness, and how did he die? Was it sudden? (It is still hard for me to comprehend all this, considering I just found out the other night.) :-(
Also, who else attended his funeral besides Kate? Did Gorge or Michael Ontkean attend as well?? I feel so horrible because I really know nothing about what happened, and I had been doing searches on Sam for YEARS to see what he had been doing career wise. It is still hard for me to accept. As I told you, I am an avid ROOKIES fan, and i enjoy following the careers of all the cast members. I think it was one of the best crime-drama shows ever on TV!
I would like to thank you for your time and patience. I am very glad we connected!!

Look forward to chatting soon!


Subj: . . .
Date: 98-04-11 00:08:14 EDT
From: Rachelsaun
To: Do Re Egon

From what I can recall from an interview which Gerald S. O'Loughlin ("Lt. Eddie Ryker") gave to "The TV Collector" magazine some time ago, Mr. O'Loughlin was also in attendance at Sam's funeral. His long-lasting memory of the service was that it was filled with Sam's many friends!

Subj: . . . A Few More "Odds & Ends" . . .
Date: 98-04-13 23:02:30 EDT
From: Rachelsaun
To: Do Re Egon

Upon their graduations from the Police Academy, "The Rookies" were assigned to the "Ludlow" precinct - # 17. "Mike Danko's" radio call letters were "Ludlow 7" and "Terry Webster" and "Willie Gillis" (and later "Chris Owens") were "Ludlow 9." "Lt. Ryker's" varied, as he rode with either "Mike" or "Sgt. Older."

Marc Singer, one of Sam's best friends, guest-starred in "The Rookies'" final episode - "Journey To Oblivion."

Before she became "Christine Cagney's" partner "Mary Beth Lacey" in CBS' highly-acclaimed "Cagney & Lacey" (1982-88), Tyne Daly guest-starred with her then-husband, Georg Stanford Brown, in four episodes of "The Rookies" (one each season) - "A Farewell Tree From Marly," "From Out Of The Darkness," "Cliffy" (directed by Georg) and "Timelock."

During "The Rookies,'" Tyne and Georg had two young daughters - Elizabeth & Kathryne. In 1985, they had a third - Alyxandra. Elizabeth is now the mother of two small children and Kathryne an actress who has appeared with her mother in the first of the four "Cagney & Lacey" made-for-television movies ("Cagney & Lacey: The Return" (1994)) and "Christy." One of her most recent works is Showtime's "The Tiger Woods Story," in which she appears as "Holly."

Georg Stanford Brown later guest-starred as "ADA Burke" in a Spring 1984 episode of "Cagney & Lacey" ("Choices"). In 1986 he was nominated for, and received, an Emmy for his direction of "Cagney's" 1985-86 season finale "Parting Shots."

"The Rookies" featured guest-appearances by many then and now well-known actors/actresses: Roddy McDowell ("Dirge For Sunday"), Beverly Garland ("3 Hours To Kill"), Mark Slade ("Dead Like A Lost Dream," "Code 261," "Cliffy"), Joan Blondell ("Cry Wolf!"), Elinor Donahue ("Blue Christmas"), Claude Akins ("Margin For Error"), Fred WIlliamson ("Johnny Lost His Gun"), Darleen Carr ("The Commitment," "The Late Mr. Brent"), Martin Sheen ("Snow Job"), Steve Forrest ("SWAT"), Edward Albert ("Nightmare"), Richard Hatch ("Lots Of Trees & A Running Stream"), Earl Holliman and Pippa Scott ("A Very Special Piece Of Ground"), Gail Strickland ("Death Lady"), John Ritter ("Reluctant Hero"), Martin Kove ("A Measure Of Mercy"), Jim Nabors ("Down Home Boy"), Vic Tayback ("Takeover"), Laurence Luckinbill ("Vendetta"), William Shatner ("The Hunting Ground"), Susan Dey ("Angel"), Dane Clark ("Dead Like A Lost Dream"), Joseph Campanella ("Get Ryker!"), Mike Farrell ("Wheel Of Death"), John Rubinstein ("The Mugging"), Leslie Charleston ("The Good Die Young"), Katherine Helmond ("The Old Neighborhood"), Teresa Graves ("Easy Money"), Strother Martin ("The Teacher") and Andy Robinson ("To Taste Of Terror," "Prelude To Vengeance"). Other guest-stars included John Travolta, Nick Nolte, Stefanie Powers, Lou Gossett, Jr., Clint Howard, Leif Erickson, Sissy Spacek, Jaclyn Smith, Jamie Smith Jackson (who many years later married Michael Ontkean) and the late Don Porter and Brad Davis.

Subj: . . . Another "Odd & End" . . .
Date: 98-04-14 22:55:25 EDT
From: Rachelsaun
To: Do Re Egon

Gerald S. O'Loughlin ("Lt. Eddie Ryker") directed several episodes of the series, including "A Time To Mourn," which featured Season Hubley as "Chris Owens'" younger sister, "Kim."

Subj: . . . "Odds & Ends" (Contin.) . . .
Date: 98-04-15 23:02:11 EDT
From: Rachelsaun
To: Do Re Egon
CC: Rachelsaun

After "Here Come The Brides" and before "Starsky & Hutch," David Soul also guest-starred in an episode of "The Rookies" - "A Test Of Courage."

"The Rookies'" episode - "Ladies Kill, Too" - featured appearances by Della Reese ("Touched By An Angel"), Laurie Walters ("Eight Is Enough"), Rene Enriquez ("Hill Street Blues") and character actress Fran Ryan.

Subj: The Rookies
Date: 98-04-17 10:03:34 EDT
From: JENNY50
To:, Mrs King2, Scarecro9
To: Rachelsaun, Do Re Egon, JENNY50,

This is a special note:

If you would like to see this series again. Write to TNT

This is from Rachelsaun

Hi Jenny! A great idea! I definitely second it!

During the past several years, I've contacted TNT's programming dept. regarding the show . . . it's still on their list of "favorites for consideration," but will have to rise to #1 before it will be seriously considered for airing.

Thought that maybe you could run a note asking everyone to write to TNT . . . the notes & letters would all have to be different, but similar in demonstrating their interest. I've got the info. & could give it to you, if you'd like! Please let me know!

This is the address I have for TNT:

TNT, 1010, Techwoord Dr., NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

or email them directly at:


Please forward this message onto anybody and everybody that might be interested.

Date: 98-04-18 15:47:25 EDT
From: Scarecro9
To: Do Re Egon


First I love your webpage. I have always loved "The Rookies" ever since it first aired. I was 14. I was very upset to hear about Sam Melville's passing. That's so cool that you have that old issue of "Mad" magazine. Did you catch Sam as he played Amanda King's ex-husband, Joe, on "Scarecrow and Mrs. King"? I thought that was pretty cool that they were working together again and that they must have stayed friends.

There's an outfit called "Bob and Tim's TV Traders" that has a few eps of "The Rookies" for sale. There are 14 episodes in total. I just received mine three days ago and am in seventh heaven! They tell you what kind of quality the copies are. They don't look cut from what I can see. Talk about a blast from the past! I've seen four of them so far and two are in excellent condition and two are in so-so condition. I can't speak about the others yet. Let me know if you want the names of all of them. I'm attaching a link to their website in case you're interested. They're very nice.


They also have the very last episode of "Password" with Kate Jackson and Sam Melville while they were doing "The Rookies". That's also in so-so condition but it was great fun to watch. I didn't remember them ever being on "Password."

Keep up the good work with the website! I shall definitely keep checking it out.

Your friend,

Date: 98-04-19 19:41:30 EDT
From: Scarecro9
To: Do Re Egon

A few of us are getting together in Los Angeles to meet in person at the LA Airport Hilton for the Fantasticon on August 7, 8, and 9. You're welcome to join us if you want. I belong to a "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" chatgroup and I intend to bring the episode of "Password Plus" with Sam and Kate for everyone to see. (I thought it was great.) Anyway, you're welcome to join us at the convention or meet us for dinner or something if you're interested. Right now we have as definites:

Me (from New York City)
Boots (from Iowa)
Kim (from Illinois)

We have two three maybe's as well so it won't be a huge crowd.

Just thought I'd mention it in case.

Your friend,

Subj: Sam Melville and The Rookies
Date: 98-05-05 16:58:58 EDT
From: (Liz)

Thanks to Jenny50's link, I found your page on Sam Melville and was
blown away to hear that Sam passed away nearly 10 years ago. I am a
huge fan of the Rookies. I starting watching the show during its third
season and caught the re-runs of the first two years when ABC-TV aired
during them on like Wednesday nights, from 11:30 pm - 12:30 am. I was
in jr. high at the time, so I had to sneak to stay up that late...

Anyway, Sam was my second favorite Rookie, with Georg Stanford Brown
being my favorite. I'm a big fan of Georg's and quite possibly his "#1
fan" (though not in a psychopathic way a la Kathy Bates in "Misery.")
and have followed his and Tyne Daly's career for many years. I'm even
thinking of making a web page on old Georg. So, if you (or other
readers of your web page) hear any factoids or gossip about him, please
pass them on.

From the email responses that you've posted, it looks like I'm not the
only Rookies fanatic out that -- what a relief!!

Thanks for creating such a great web page and tribute to Sam.


P.S. Jenny50 has set up a Rookies forum on her page. There is a fellow on the forum who has the Rookies pilot and about 20 episodes on tape. I'm ordering dupes from him.

Date: 98-05-18 20:56:47 EDT
From: Sawstrait
To: Do Re Egon


Subj: Mystery solved!
Date: 98-09-06 13:31:49 EDT

I always wondered what happened to my favorite 'Rookie!' Seems like I
heard a blurb in the news ages ago that Sam had passed away...but no one
knew who I was talking about! My birthday is also in August...maybe I
just felt a bit kindred with him. I just thought he was the coolest and
hoped I would someday get lucky and marry a guy like him! Any chance
the Rookies will be seen in syndicatation? Thanks for the interesting

Subj: Sam's chronograph
Date: 9/16/98 8:06:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: RyanJameso
To: Do Re Egon

I bought Sam Melville's chronograph back in the early 80's. The thick leather strap and watch. It's a Heuer chronograph.


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