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Subj: Re: [Sam] New Rookies mp3 and More
Date: 3/17/03 7:17:24 AM Pacific Standard Time

Thanks for the additions to Sam Melville's site. I have loved Sam and Kate Jackson since their time on The Rookies. I was probably 10 years old, and madly in love with Mike Danko. I would drive my family completely crazy with my neverending Rookies reruns. I never heard that he had died, so when an old memory triggered in me about Sam Melville recently, and I looked up his name on the internet, imagine my surprise (and utter devastation) when I found your site and learned of his death, and that he had been gone since NINETEEN EIGHTY NINE! I feel that the press should have covered his death a little more. I really appreciate your coverage of his funeral. I don't know...I guess it somehow brings about a little acceptance on my part of his death. I know how I feel inside of his passing, so I can just imagine how the people who knew him personally have got to feel. Tell me something...what did Kate Jackson say of Sam at his funeral? I noticed on one of the programs that she was one of the speakers at his funeral. I always thought it was neat that She and Sam played exes on Scarecrow and Mrs. King. I know that they had, in my opinion, THE most positive onscreen marriage in The Rookies. They were very good role models, and they should feel proud of that. Playing on Scarecrow and Mrs. King must have been a real hoot for them.

Okay, well, just thought I'd say thank you for your Sam site. I will forever cherish my Rookies memories, and through you, I can relive Mike and Jill whenever I want to.

Tammy Ramey

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