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1970s magazine articles transcribed for use on Sam's Memorial.
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THE ROOKIES ... TV's Youngest Cops   YOUNG MISS (May 1974)

A Marriage... A Friendship... & More
  PHOTOPLAY (October 1974)

Children Would Ruin My Marriage!
  TV STAR PARADE (June 1975)

A Service of Memory for
Samuel Gardner Melville

Born: August 20, 1936 - Provo, Utah

Passed Away: March 9, 1989 - L.A., CA

Service Held: March 15, 1989 - 9:30 AM
at the Church of the Hills

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"If I could choose
from every man who ever lived
on this earth
A man for my friend
A man for my brother
They would all be Sam Melville ..."

--Christopher Cary (March 1989)

This quote appeared in the March 14, 1989 issue
of VARIETY and in one of the Programs handed
out at Sam Melville's funeral on March 15, 1989.

I happened across my old pal's web site and took a short stroll down memory lane. Sam had appeared with me in the feature-length documentary THE SEARCH FOR BIGFOOT. He and Annie had come up to join the 1974 American Yeti Expedition that I was directing on the slopes of Washington's Mt. St. Helens. They assisted me greatly in the field research and appeared in the final scenes where a wild forest fire shut down our expeditions. I visited Sam and Annie several times when in L.A. and was stunned at his sudden death. I thought Sam would be around forever.

-Robert W. Morgan

I came upon your site while looking at Rookies web pages, and wanted to share my brief story about Sam Melville. I have a photograph of myself with the entire cast of The Rookies in 1973, at some small airport in Southern California where they were filming an episode. I was 10 years old.  I had been picked by the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation to present an award to the cast for a show they did about a character, like myself, who had type 1 diabetes. The entire cast was extremely nice to me, but no one more so than Sam; he took me around the set, talked to me like a big brother, invited me into the trailer, made sure my diabetes was OK, he treated me like a friend and gave me a confidence in myself that I had not had before. - he was simply wonderful to me. There are some people in your life you meet just once, and all too briefly, but with whom you immediately connect, whom you immediately like, who make a difference for the rest of your life for which you were never able to thank them - Sam Melville is one of those people for me.

-Paul Chous

To all of you who have read these pages and expressed such kind thoughts, I thank you on [Sam's] behalf. It makes me feel so good to know he is remembered with such warmth by people who didn't even know him personally. He was a unique man ... a man of honor, love and great humor. I think I miss his laughter more than anything else. Thank you all for still caring.
-Anne Melville   (Sunday, May 23rd 1999)

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Anne Melville & STROXx
"Take a Holiday"

I miss you Sammy!

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Big Hugs to my Friend, Anne Melville

THANK YOU, SAMMY-BEAR ... For brightening so many lives with your laughter, smile and twinkling eyes. Your friendship meant the world to me and I think of you often. -Doreen Mulman (webmistress)

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